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Strategy Department within a European bank


The project:

Defining Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy for the Bank

4 months

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The Challange:

The bank understood that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not merely a buzzword; it's a transformative force reshaping industries worldwide. Banks that fail to integrate AI into their operations risk missing out on opportunities and falling behind competitors.

Recognizing the need for action, the bank now faced the challenge of navigating this transformative journey effectively. In a vast sea of AI possibilities, determining the right starting point proved challenging. Should the focus be on enhancing customer experience, optimizing operational processes, or bolstering risk management?

Furthermore, the bank struggled with the issue of AI readiness across different business areas. Some AI solutions were more mature than others.

To compound matters, the AI landscape teems with diverse tools, technologies, and platforms. Selecting the most suitable AI solutions for the bank's unique needs and objectives was no straightforward task. Uncertainty loomed over which AI technologies would yield the most significant return on investment and seamlessly align with the bank's existing infrastructure.

Recognizing these complexities, the bank's Strategy Department understood that navigating this intricate landscape required more than just a robust AI strategy. They needed a guiding framework to help identify the right starting points, assess AI readiness, and make informed technology choices.

Our Approach:

We recognized the need for a comprehensive and strategic approach. Our goal was not only to embrace AI but to do so in a manner that maximized its benefits while minimizing disruptions.


1. Workforce Education

We understood that AI isn't just a technology for the tech teams; it has far-reaching implications across the entire organization. To ensure the successful integration of AI, it was essential that all staff members comprehended AI's fundamentals, capabilities, and potential impacts on their roles.

We embarked on a comprehensive education initiative, empowering the bank's workforce with the knowledge required to adapt and thrive in the evolving AI landscape. This educational effort instilled confidence and enthusiasm among employees, transforming them into active participants in the AI adoption process.


2. Strategic Roadmap Development

Our first guideline was to develop a strategic roadmap. We firmly believe that a well-defined strategy is the cornerstone of successful AI implementation. To kickstart this process, we worked closely with the bank's leadership to establish clear objectives for AI adoption within the organization. These objectives were rooted in enhancing operational efficiency, cost reduction, and unlocking new growth opportunities.

By defining these objectives, we created a roadmap that served as our guiding compass throughout the AI implementation journey. This roadmap not only provided direction but also helped prioritize AI initiatives based on their alignment with the bank's overarching goals.

3. Start Small, Scale Smart

Lastly, we advocated for a pragmatic approach: "Start small, scale smart." Instead of overwhelming the organization by implementing AI across all departments simultaneously, we recommended commencing with a select few strategic initiatives where AI could deliver significant benefits.

Starting small allowed us to minimize disruption and manage risks effectively. It also offered the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insights. As positive results began to materialize, we gradually expanded the AI footprint, ensuring that each step was aligned with the bank's objectives and resources.


By adhering to these three core guidelines, we helped the bank navigate the intricacies of AI adoption effectively. Our approach was not only strategic but also practical, enabling the bank to harness the transformative potential of AI while minimizing challenges and uncertainties. In the following section, we delve into the outcomes of our collaborative efforts and the innovative KPIs that emerged from this journey.

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