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Innovation and HR departments

within a European insurance company


The project:

Organizational Exposure to Innovation
& Internal Innovation Process Building and Executing 


internal innovation program


The Importance:

To remain competitive in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, financial companies must be agile and adaptable. A way to accomplish this is through promoting internal innovation, which involves generating and implementing new ideas and solutions within an organization. Internal innovation is essential for financial companies that want to stay ahead of the curve, remain relevant, anticipate and respond to changes in the market, and create new revenue streams.

For our valued insurance client, fostering a culture of innovation is crucial. Internal innovation not only ensures they stay competitive but also offers several key benefits: It enables our client to differentiate himself in a highly competitive industry, attracting customers and gaining a leading position. Additionally, it allows for the optimization of internal processes, resulting in increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and fostering a culture of innovation can attract and retain top talent, as employees are more likely to stay engaged and satisfied in an innovative environment.

Our "Internal Innovation-Focused Work Plan" is designed to empower our client with the tools and knowledge he needs to lead in the insurance industry. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to supporting our client in his journey to become a pioneering force in insurance innovation.

The Challange:

Innovation is a universal goal, and yet, its pursuit presents unique challenges in every organization. Our insurance client is no exception, and they encounter specific manifestations of these common challenges in their internal innovation journey:

Encouraging employees to actively participate in the innovation process can be challenging. Factors such as a lack of motivation, time constraints, and apprehensions regarding potential negative repercussions for proposing ideas can hinder employee engagement.

Our client needs to tackle organizational impediments that may impede innovation. These include the absence of a conducive collaborative environment, an organizational aversion to risk-taking, and inadequate support from management and internal service departments within the organization (e.g., information systems, data security, legal, and procurement).

Bureaucratic processes and administrative roadblocks can slow down the innovation journey. Streamlining these processes is vital for fostering innovation.

Implementing internal innovation may face resistance from employees and management accustomed to traditional processes. Overcoming this resistance is crucial for success.


Our Approach:

At MPL Innovation, we understand that successfully navigating the path of internal innovation requires a tailored approach that addresses our client's unique challenges and goals. Our strategy for our client is multifaceted, encompassing the following key components:

1. Tailored Innovation Programs -  We design innovation programs specifically suited to the insurance industry's demands, focusing on risk assessment, product development, and customer-centric solutions. This program is customized to meet the needs of employees at all levels, from management to product managers and channel managers.

2. Change Management - Recognizing that innovation often encounters resistance to change, we provide change management strategies to facilitate a smooth transition. Our approach emphasizes communication, training, and support for employees and management to foster a culture of innovation.

3. Employee Engagement -  We conduct regular engagement sessions, including monthly meetings, middle management training, and brainstorming sessions, to involve employees in the innovation process. Our approach empowers employees to contribute their ideas, recognizing that innovation is most effective when it arises from within the organization.

4. Overcoming Organizational Hurdles -  We work with our client to identify and address industry-specific and organizational challenges. By understanding the regulatory environment and the nuances of our client's corporate culture, we develop strategies that are finely tuned to overcome these hurdles.

5. Ongoing Support -  Our commitment to fostering innovation goes beyond a one-time effort. We provide ongoing support through metrics tracking, process planning, and regular updates to ensure the sustained success of the innovation initiatives.

6. Work Plan - We provide a work plan that outlines our activities, objectives, and schedules in detail. It's a dynamic document that can be adjusted based on our client's evolving needs, reflecting our dedication to flexibility and responsiveness.

Download our Internal Innovation-Focused Work Plan:

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