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Digital Department in a Leading American Bank


The project:
Opportunity Mapping for Enhanced Digital Transformation

2 months

Opportunity mapping

The Importance:

The Opportunity Mapping initiative plays a vital role in providing a panoramic view to bank management. It acts as a dynamic tool for checking progress, maintaining control, and feeling the pulse of the bank. This bird's-eye view is not static; it evolves according to emerging trends and the bank's changing needs. This adaptability ensures that the mapping remains a relevant and responsive instrument for strategic decision-making.


Furthermore, the recurring nature of this Opportunity Mapping is emphasized. To derive maximum benefit, the organization must consistently revisit and update the mapping. This proactive approach ensures that the digital landscape aligns with current trends, enabling the bank to proactively respond to shifts in the industry and maintain a leading position in the digital realm.


The Challange:

While the pursuit of innovation is universal, its realization comes with a unique set of challenges, and our banking client, particularly within the digital domain, faces distinctive manifestations of these common challenges:

  • .Fragmented Opportunity Mapping -  Several departments in the organization possessed partial opportunity mapping, but no single entity held the comprehensive mapping. This fragmentation hindered a holistic understanding and strategic utilization of the available opportunities.

  • Resistance to Change -  Overcoming resistance from employees and management accustomed to traditional processes is critical for the successful implementation of internal innovation initiatives. People often perceived innovation mapping as an additional task, feeling a sense of redundancy and parallel effort.

  • Employee Engagement - Encouraging active participation in the innovation process proves challenging due to factors such as lack of motivation, time constraints, and concerns about potential repercussions for proposing ideas.

  • Organizational Impediments - Addressing hurdles like a non-collaborative environment, organizational aversion to risk-taking, and inadequate support from management and internal service departments (e.g., information systems, data security, legal, and procurement) is crucial.

  • Bureaucratic Processes -  Administrative roadblocks and bureaucratic processes can impede the innovation journey, emphasizing the need for streamlined processes to foster innovation.

Our Approach:

At MPL Innovation, we understand that successfully navigating the path of comprehensive opportunity mapping requires a tailored approach that addresses our client's unique challenges and goals. Our strategy for our banking client is multifaceted, encompassing the following key components:

Holistic Mapping Programs: We design mapping programs tailored to the banking industry's demands, focusing on digital trends, market shifts, and emerging opportunities. This program is customized to meet the needs of departments at all levels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the diverse opportunities within the organization.

  • Collaborative Framework -  Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we establish a framework that encourages active participation from all relevant departments. This collaborative approach ensures that the mapping process is not fragmented, providing a unified view of opportunities across the organization.

  • Strategic Filters -  Employing strategic filters, we categorize opportunities based on alignment with the bank's goals, current market trends, and potential impact. This strategic filtering ensures that the mapping process focuses on opportunities that align with the organization's strategic objectives.

  • Adaptability -  Acknowledging that the banking landscape is dynamic, our approach emphasizes adaptability. We ensure that the opportunity mapping process evolves according to emerging trends, market shifts, and the changing needs of the organization. This adaptability guarantees that the mapping remains relevant and responsive to the ever-changing business environment.

  • Ongoing Refinement -  Our commitment to success extends beyond a one-time effort. We facilitate ongoing refinement through regular updates, feedback mechanisms, and iterative processes. This commitment ensures that the opportunity mapping remains a living document, continually reflecting the dynamic landscape of opportunities within the organization.

  • Detailed Mapping Plan -  We provide a detailed mapping plan that outlines activities, objectives, and schedules in a comprehensive manner. This dynamic document can be adjusted based on the evolving needs of the client, demonstrating our dedication to flexibility and responsiveness in the opportunity mapping process.


Through this integrated approach, we empower our banking client with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of opportunities, fostering a culture where opportunity mapping is not merely a task but a strategic initiative that contributes to the organization's long-term success.


The Results:

Through this integrated approach, the results of our opportunity mapping initiative are transformative. Our banking client experiences:

  • Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making -  A comprehensive understanding of opportunities empowers the organization to make informed and strategic decisions that align with its long-term goals.

  • Improved Collaboration -  The collaborative framework fosters a culture of cooperation, ensuring that departments work synergistically towards common objectives identified through the opportunity mapping process.

  • Adaptive and Responsive Strategy -  The adaptability of our approach ensures that the organization's strategy remains agile, responsive to market dynamics, and capable of capitalizing on emerging trends.

  • Unified Vision -  The opportunity mapping process provides a unified vision, eliminating fragmented approaches and offering a holistic view of opportunities that contribute to the organization's overall success.

  • Detailed Opportunity Mapping -  Our team provided a detailed opportunity mapping to the bank, categorizing use cases into immediate actionable items and those requiring infrastructure development, such as dependencies on other systems or data.

In essence, our approach not only facilitates opportunity mapping but also delivers tangible and sustainable results that contribute to the continued success and growth of our banking client.

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