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Mastering Proof of Concept (PoC) Collaborations with Startups

Updated: Jan 23

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A Short Guide for Corporate Innovation and Business Unit Leaders.

In today's market, many corporations are leveraging their position to secure better commercial terms and flexibility from startups. Collaborating with startup companies through PoCs presents a valuable opportunity to achieve business goals while driving innovation. In this article, we will share our 2 cents on ensuring successful PoC engagements with startups, guiding you toward effective collaboration.

Define a Challenge Statement

A successful PoC begins with a clearly defined challenge statement. It's important to identify a specific problem or opportunity that aligns with your strategic objectives before seeking out the right solution (Pull vs Push approach). This statement will serve as a guiding beacon throughout the collaboration, enabling focused efforts and measurable outcomes.

Relevant Business Unit Involvement

To maximize the potential of a PoC, create an "A-team" for the project that includes representatives from relevant business units beyond the innovation or strategy team. Engage departments such as IT and Compliance, especially when their expertise is vital to the project's success. By involving these units from the outset, you ensure that technical and regulatory considerations are addressed effectively. Collaboration across various departments fosters a holistic approach, strengthening the PoC's relevance to the organization's overall objectives.

Choosing the Right Partner

Selecting the right startup is paramount to the success of your PoC. Look beyond flashy technologies and consider factors that align with your specific requirements. Evaluate the partner's domain expertise, track record, and experience in delivering similar projects. Additionally, assess their ability to integrate with your core systems. Create a checklist that contains essential factors such as local market support, product maturity, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.

Don't Get Into Complicated Integrations

During the PoC phase, it's crucial to focus on the core functionality of the solution rather than getting entangled in complex integrations. While mapping out integration needs is important, attempting to address them in the initial PoC phase can hinder progress and create unnecessary complexities. Take a step-by-step approach, allowing the PoC to validate the solution's viability and value proposition before committing extensive resources to integration efforts. This pragmatic approach ensures efficiency and provides a solid foundation for future implementation.

The Importance of Change Management

No one wants to embark on a PoC for the sake of PoC and change management is a critical aspect. Engage relevant stakeholders early on and communicate the purpose, benefits, and potential impacts of the PoC. Foster a culture of openness, encouraging active participation and feedback from employees who may be directly affected by the proposed changes. By involving stakeholders and addressing their concerns throughout the process, you build support and increase the likelihood of successful adoption if the PoC progresses to implementation.


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