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Stating the Obvious: Essential Technologies for Financial Organizations in 2024

MPL Innvoation

As the old saying goes, sometimes you just need to state the obvious. While the technologies we're about to discuss may not be the newest or most cutting-edge, our experience working with financial organizations has shown that they are absolutely essential for success in today's landscape.

Yes, you've likely heard of Document AI, Digital Journeys, and Conversational Intelligence before. But the reality is that these are no longer just nice-to-have capabilities - they are table stakes for any forward-thinking financial institution. Overlooking these core technologies can put your organization at a serious competitive disadvantage.

So, let's dive into our must-have list for financial firms (and really, any customer-centric business) in 2024. Even if these sound like obvious choices, we can't stress enough how vital they are for your organization's growth.

Essential tech for financial organizations

Document AI (OCR)

One of the foundational pieces is robust Document AI (OCR) capabilities. This technology allows financial firms to seamlessly convert printed documents, handwritten forms, and other analog content into fully searchable, digital data. By implementing a powerful OCR system, organizations can streamline data extraction, improve document quality, and unlock insights buried in their mountains of paperwork. This not only enhances efficiency but also lays the groundwork for downstream automation and analytics.

The benefits of Document AI go beyond just digitization. Advanced systems can also identify key information, recognize multilingual content, and verify data against other sources. This is essential for maintaining compliance, reducing manual errors, and building a single source of truth across the organization.

Digital Journeys

Merely converting documents to digital format is not enough - financial firms must also reimagine their customer journeys and internal workflows. This is where flexible "Digital Journeys" technology comes into play. These platforms empower organizations to quickly build out end-to-end digital processes, complete with e-signatures, dynamic conditional logic, and seamless integrations.

By implementing a robust Digital Journeys solution, financial institutions can transform traditionally arduous tasks like onboarding, loan applications, and account management. Customers enjoy a frictionless, omnichannel experience, while the organization benefits from streamlined operations, real-time data capture, and stronger compliance controls.

Conversational Intelligence

While digital automation is crucial, financial services remain a fundamentally human-centric industry. Conversational Intelligence technologies can help organizations strike the right balance between technological efficiency and personalized service.

Advanced speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing allow financial firms to gain rich insights from customer interactions. Call transcripts, email exchanges, and chat conversations can be mined for early warning signs, emerging trends, and opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Leveraging Conversational Intelligence, financial advisors and customer service teams can provide more empathetic, contextual support. Meanwhile, compliance and risk management become more robust, as organizations can ensure consistency across interactions and identify potential red flags.

The reason we're highlighting these "obvious" technologies is that, from our experience working with clients, it's all too common for financial organizations to overlook them. Organizations that fail to invest in these core technologies risk falling behind. Document AI, Digital Journeys, and Conversational Intelligence are not just nice-to-haves - they are table stakes for any forward-thinking financial institution.

So consider this a friendly reminder - or perhaps a wake-up call. Evaluate your current tech stack, identify any gaps, and take action to ensure you have these essential capabilities in place. Your customers, your compliance teams, and your bottom line will thank you.


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