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Transforming 'Innovation Killers' into Catalysts for Success

Updated: Jan 3

MPL Innovation

As many of you are undoubtedly familiar with, the process of introducing innovative ideas can encounter numerous challenges. Amid these challenges, certain aspects of the organizational structure, often labeled as 'innovation killers', stand out. From the security department's watchful eye to the close examination of legal and compliance teams, and the strategic considerations of the purchasing department, not to mention the natural resistance to change among employees, the road to innovation can seem daunting. However, what if we approached these challenges not as obstacles but as potential collaborators in the innovation journey? Let's explore how we can transform these perceived barriers into essential catalysts for organizational success.

Recognizing Internal Service as a Vital Role

Within the complex structure of an organization, departments like security, legal and compliance, purchasing, and the IT department sometimes prioritize their rule-oriented responsibilities over actively supporting the organization's forward momentum. While safeguarding compliance, cybersecurity, and procurement is vital, it's crucial for these internal service departments to recognize their dual role.

Beyond their essential role, these departments should function as catalysts for innovation, creating an environment where progressive ideas can thrive. Instead of solely focusing on their rule-oriented tasks, internal service departments play a pivotal role in ensuring the organization's growth. By embracing this dual responsibility, they not only safeguard the organization but actively contribute to its success.

The Guardians of Security

Security departments, tasked with safeguarding sensitive information, can sometimes be perceived as barriers to innovation. However, their role is pivotal in ensuring that innovative initiatives don't compromise the integrity of data and systems.

Collaboration is key. Engage with the security team early in the innovation process. By fostering open communication, you can build a secure framework that allows for innovation without compromising organizational integrity.

Legal and Compliance

Legal and compliance teams are often seen as the gatekeepers of rules and regulations. Rather than stifling innovation, they can be instrumental in turning regulatory challenges into opportunities.

Incorporate legal and compliance considerations from the outset. By involving them in the ideation phase, you can proactively address potential issues, ensuring that innovation aligns seamlessly with legal boundaries.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing departments play a vital role in the innovation journey. They are responsible for acquiring the necessary resources to bring innovative ideas to life.

Collaborate closely with the purchasing team. Provide them with a clear understanding of the strategic value of innovations, allowing them to align procurement practices with long-term organizational goals.

Overcoming Change Aversion

Employees hesitant to embrace change can impede the progress of innovation initiatives. Understanding their concerns and fostering a culture of adaptability is crucial.

We've extensively discussed this topic, and you can delve deeper into the work we at MPL Innovation have undertaken in this area. Explore our insights on "Organizational Exposure to Innovation & Internal Innovation Process Building and Executing" for a comprehensive understanding of overcoming change aversion.

Additionally, our article on "Change Management is an Important Layer of Innovation Implementation. Why?" delves into the intrinsic link between change management and successful innovation adoption. These resources provide valuable insights into transforming change aversion into a catalyst for organizational growth.

Innovation thrives in an environment of collaboration and understanding. By working hand-in-hand with security, legal and compliance, purchasing, and change-averse employees, organizations can transform perceived barriers into catalysts for growth. The key lies in recognizing the unique contributions of each department and weaving them into the fabric of a holistic innovation strategy. In doing so, organizations can navigate the innovation landscape with resilience, achieving unparalleled success in the ever-evolving business landscape.


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