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The Journey of Innovation

By MPL Innovation and Issatec

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Embark on a Journey of Innovation: Immerse Yourself in the Israeli Innovation Hub, Explore Renowned Companies and Startups, and Embrace the Power of the Israeli Innovation Mindset to Foster Business Opportunities and Global Networking.

Why Israel?

Despite being only 75 years old, Israel's thinkers, makers, and doers have left an indelible mark on the world. Their inventions and developments have had a profound impact, touching the lives of millions across the globe.

Israel has rightfully earned the moniker "Startup Nation" due to a compelling reason: Boasting a population of approximately 9 million, it holds the world's highest density of startups, with an impressive ratio of one startup for every 1,400 individuals.

#1 in the world

in the number of startups per


#1 in the world

in the number of researchers per population

1 out of 10

global unicorns

belongs to Israel

#1 in the world

in the number of engineers per capita

R&D Centers

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Microsoft logo
Intel logo
SAP logo
salesforce logo
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amazon logo
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palo alto logo

Notable Companies

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wix logo
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Join our exclusive Roadshow Program

Our program is tailored for Brazilian businesspeople, where we put your needs at the heart of the journey. Throughout the 5-day immersive experience in Israel, you will have the opportunity to visit cutting-edge innovation hubs, renowned R&D centers, venture capital firms, some of Israel's leading established companies, and dynamic startups. Moreover, this roadshow also includes sights of Israel's rich history and culture, giving you a chance to explore iconic landmarks

Our carefully curated itinerary ensures you gain unique insights into Israel's thriving innovation ecosystem, learning from the brightest minds in the industry. From witnessing groundbreaking technologies to engaging with industry leaders, this roadshow promises to be a transformative experience.

To seize this remarkable opportunity and receive more details about the program, contact us now.

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MPL Innovation, in partnership with Issatec, empowers business people  to foster entrepreneurs' spirit and innovation, seize global business prospects, and gain invaluable insights from companies at the forefront of revolutionary technologies worldwide. In an ever-competitive landscape, those who adeptly embrace change are poised for the greatest success.


5- days roadshow in Israel

innovation mindset

Innovative mindset

business opportunities

Business opportunities

rocket launch

Accesses to new technologies

share network



Tailored to your needs

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Let us help you pave the way for new business horizons and an entrepreneurial future.
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Israel's Startup Nation Journey

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